"I love you and I will always
be there for you."


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Well, what do you think?

graphics from cartoonist
Ray Moore's The Phantom

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Pillow Talk


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line by Carol Finch


Breaking News!


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after a line by James Bruce




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line by Julius Sharpe @juliussharpe


Dr. Fred Freud's PonderAbout Analysis
"But If You Had Been"


 photo DFF PonderAbout Analysis.png

Susan Cain, in Quiet, writes, "Mark Twain once told a story about a man who scoured the planet looking for the greatest general who ever lived. When the man was informed that the person he sought had already died and gone to heaven, he made a trip to the Pearly Gates to look for him. Saint Peter pointed at a regular-looking Joe. 'That isn’t the greatest of all generals,' protested the man. 'I knew that person when he lived on Earth, and he was only a cobbler.' 'I know that,' said Saint Peter, 'but if he had been a general, he would have been the greatest of them all.' ”

Now tell me, what's the moral of this story; and what relevance might it have for you?

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