you know, i was thinking about
how ironic it is
that the closer we are to someone
the smaller are the things we discuss

for example
consider our elderly aunts or uncles
kind people that we see
maybe once or twice a year
we may love them as family
but we may not be personally close

what do we discuss with them?

most likely
big things -
like graduations, weddings, deaths etc

then consider our close friends
what do we discuss with them?

most likely
the majority of the talk
is about seemingly little things -
like what we thought about,
felt, dreamed, wanted,
remembered, read or listened to

these things may be little in scope
but they are not little in
their interest and importance to us

is about the little things

about the things that just come to mind
the feelings that set in and then leave
the dreams that come at night

is not too concerned about
grammar, syntax, or punctuation
or about being absolutely correct
or about convincing anybody about anything

its just about the wonder of things
that come to mind (or heart)

its also about quotes like -

?From wonder into wonder existence opens.?
Lao Tzu

as you visit ponderabout.com
just open up to what is posted
and see what happens

if thoughts, feelings or memories are triggered
great! - that?s what the site is about