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Hello, and welcome to!
I am Dr. Fred Freud, the American-born grandson of Sigmund. Given my position as Clinical Director of this website, I've been asked to describe our "A-Listers."
This task is exceedingly difficult given that: 1) the A-Listers appear to be quite different from one another; and 2) I must adhere to the constraints of confidentiality.

    The following, however, I can say with confidence. Our A-Listers are those colorful individuals who populate the pages of And, most importantly, there is a little of each of THEM in each of YOU.

    I trust that you will recognize yourself in the feelings, thoughts and actions of: Biff, Chad, Dr. Hugh Rica, Heather, Lola, Margie, Martin, Mona, Ned, Olive, Percy, the Professor, Romeo, Waldo, Zeek, and me, Dr. Fred Freud.


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