Psychology: the EXACT Science


College freshmen, sitting in Psych 101 lecture
halls, invariably hear that psychology is an
inexact science;

and from that point on, many of them take
the subject lightly.

But what if someday in our distant future,
psychology became an exact science?

What if it became THE exact science; an
applied science, a psychology/mathematics
synthesis, that shaped civilization and was
central to its survival?

In this scenario, psychologists are the
masterminds that control mankind's fate -

not the nerdy, ineffective, do-gooders,
often portrayed in today's media.

This is the PonderAble premise underlying
Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series -

a seven volume a classic science fiction saga
that -

- traces the rise and falls of galactic empires
over a span of 400 years; and

- focuses on the efforts of psychologists
(or "psychohistorians") to keep humanity from
sliding into a dark age that would last for
tens of thousands of years.

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