The Reality Of The Psyche


The reality of the psyche
is a concept
that is central to the work of psychiatrist
Carl Jung.

Jung defined psyche as, "the totality of all
psychic processes, conscious as well as

He believed that the individual's inner
experience must not be ignored, written
off or explained away; but rather, it must
be respected and explored.

Jung wrote: "The 'reality of the psyche'
is my working hypothesis and my principle
activity consists in collecting factual
material to describe and explain it"; and
"What most people overlook or seem
unable to understand is the fact that I
regard the psyche as real. They believe
only in physical facts..."

The notion is that our inner world doesn't
just seem real, but for the us, it is real;
and those who want to know us or help
us must try to understand it.

Jung's emphasis on the inner world of the
individual is illustrated the compelling
animated video below; here, he begins
the treatment of a very disturbed young
woman by exploring, rather than dismissing,
her delusions and dreams.

The above video is an excerpt from
a documentary of Jung's life and work,
The Wisdom of The Dream.

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