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"Even sticking to the higher plane of love, is it so very obvious that you can't love more than one person?

We seem to manage it with parental love (parents are reproached if they don't at least pretend to love all their children equally), love of books, of food, of wine (love of Chateau Margaux does not preclude love of a fine Hock, and we don't feel unfaithful to the red when we dally with the white), love of composers, poets, holiday beaches, friends … why is erotic love the one exception that everybody instantly acknowledges without even thinking about it?

Why can a woman not love two men at the same time, in their different ways? And why should the two – or their wives — begrudge her this?"

Richard Dawkins, in the above passage from Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster, challenges the widely held assumption that we can feel erotic love for only one person at the same time.

Is that your assumption? Can you feel erotic love for more than one person at a give time? Should you? Have you ever? And how did that work out?

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I can't deny that some people may feel love for more than one person but I don't want to act on it and I wouldn't want my partner to. There is something I value in knowing I have to face my partner whether the situation is good or bad and that I can't seek refuge or satisfaction with someone else. I won't go out of my way to belittle people who do, but I'm not excited to be around them.
Posted by pimaster on 12/17/2014 4:28:11 PM

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