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A stranger approaching you in the street will in a second's glance see you whole, size you up, place you in a way in which you cannot and never will, even though you have spent a lifetime with your- self, live in the Century of the Self, and therefore ought to know yourself best of all.

- Walker Percy

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I personally agree that we cannot know ourselves entirely. For one thing, we can never see our face directly. For another, we aren't constantly examining every part of ourselves. For another, we gradually change. We don't share the same opinion with ourselves of the past. I think the general effort to assume we are great isn't necessarily based upon what we have looked at, and to assert we know 100% is part of the problem. This doesn't mean, though, it is necessarily our fault we don't know it all or think we do. I think I have studied myself a lot, but I wouldn't say I know 100%.
Posted by Anonymous on 11/16/2014 4:49:06 PM

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