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What is your earliest memory? And why is it that you recall it to this day?


I don't know if it was in Kindergarden or Prep but I remember playing with these tubes that you could connect together. There were some wheels so I made a moving box. I like building stuff so it has stuck with me. It was probably mentioned a few times growing up so the familiarity thing helps. I'm not sure how I felt at the time. Probably determined. I have always liked playing with Lego so probably saw it as a chance to build something bigger. Does the fact that I can't remember exactly when mean that it is a faulty memory?
Posted by pimaster on 1/14/2015 3:23:48 PM
I recall my mother being very sick, laying on her bed, and me going in the kitchen, putting chair so i can climb it and take some water in my hand, and bring it to my mother and like put that few drops of water on her forehead so she can feel better..
Posted by qwerty on 1/14/2015 7:02:31 PM

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