Exploring Rooms in Your Dreams


psychiatrist Carl Jung contended that dreams about
houses are essentially dreams about ourselves

for Jungians, a dreamed house represents the
dreamer; with the house's various rooms repre-
senting the various aspects of the dreamer's body
and psyche

for example, the general condition of the house
may reflect the dreamers sense of his own general

a dreamed house that is messy may reflect the
dreamer's sense that in some way he is in disarray
and needs to get things back in order

as noted above, the various rooms of the house
may reflect the various aspects of the psyche

a dreamed basement, for example, tends to repre-
sent the unconscious and those painful feelings,
thoughts and memories that have been buried there

exploring a basement in one's dreams often reflects
the surfacing of painful issues that had been repres-

anxiety and unease is often the feeling tone of
dreams about basements

exploring an attic is analogous to exploring the
contents of one's mind; contents such as "stored",
nonthreatening memories

dreams of exploring an attic tend to occur at those
times when the dreamer, in waking life, is thinking
back to earlier times

the dreamed attic may also represent knowledge,
expanded awareness and the development of a
sense of connectedness or spirituality

lightness, openness and expansion is often the
feeling tone of dreams about an attic

finally, dreams about discovering and exploring
new and unfamiliar rooms are often the most
pleasant dreams

such dreams may reflect personal growth and
sensing newly developed aspects of ourselves

a sense of wonder often pervades dreams where
the dreamer discovers new rooms; and such dreams
tend to occur at those times when the dreamer
is becoming comfortable with developmental tasks
such as establishing independence, taking on new
responsibilities, becoming intimate with another or
becoming a parent


As I walk among the various rooms, I reflect: 'now I
ought to find out more about this house in its entirety.'

- Carl Jung, Memoirs, Dreams and Reflections (1961)

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