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A lot of people are questioning [Barack Obama's] birth certificate. They're questioning the authenticity of his birth certificate. I've been known as being a very smart guy for a long time. I don't consider myself birther or not birther, but there are some major questions here and the press doesn't wanna cover it. The press just refuses to cover it. Now if that were somebody else, they would be covering it, and they'd be throwing people out of office. But they don't want to cover it. So it's interesting.

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He is smart enough to realize that people perceive intelligence in different ways, and he is smart enough to cater to those that do not have much intelligence themselves, and so do not really know what it looks or sounds like. He wants to lead a country of lots of dumb people, so he has to be like them.
Posted by Frederik on 10/17/2015 6:45:41 PM
My translation: Says things twice as if he wasn't heard the first time. Plug on own intelligence brag. Ignoring issue without clarification. There are questions but I don't say what they are, just the press isn't saying anything about it. Neither is he. Assertion that they would throw out someone other than Obama with no basis explained. Another repeat. Another repeat. I don't see any substance. This isn't to say Donald Trump is unique on this, though.
Posted by Anonymous on 10/19/2015 7:06:30 PM

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